Tips For Advertising Your Home On Social Media

Tips For Advertising Your Home On Social Media

Would you consider buying a house via Facebook? It may seem strange, but social media advertising for a house for sale is one of the best ways to attract interest.

Instagram and Facebook allow you to generate interest in your beautiful property with so many people using social media.

These are our top tips to advertise on social media if you’re selling.

1. 3D Tours with Video

Social media can help you reach potential buyers outside your locality. It may be difficult for buyers to visit your home for open houses, so you must make it appealing to them online.

This is how you can do it! Video! You can use video to create virtual tours of your property using a 360 camera. This is great for people who are unable to visit the site in person.

A videographer is required to create the video with drones and cameras. However, it’s worth the investment for the potential buyers it will bring in.

Professional photo of house

2. Get professional photos

Professional photos of your house are essential, no matter whether you advertise on Facebook or otherwise. A home that has great photos will sell 32% more quickly than one without.

Homiesfoto has the experience and expertise to help you get the best real estate photography results. But, if it’s something you are doing on your own, these are some tips.

Make your home as tidy and bright as you can. Use a high-quality DSLR camera and tripod to stabilize the shot.

Photos should be edited after taking them, in order to remove unwanted shadows or reflections.

3. Use Facebook Ads

A Facebook ad is one of many great ways when selling your home. Facebook ads allow you to reach more people than your personal profile.

They are very easy to use. You can set your daily budget before you decide how much you want to spend. Next, narrow your target market by narrowing down your demographics (locations and gender, hobbies, interests, etc.).

These are some other tips to help you sell your attached home.

How can you determine who to target? You can start by looking at the buyers who have attended your open houses in the past. That will help you figure out which type of customer might be interested in your property.

Facebook is the owner of Instagram, a popular photo-sharing platform. You can also make Facebook ads to market on Instagram.

Instagram is such a visual platform. Add your listing here as well. Beautiful home photos and videos are sure to attract attention. For faster production, make sure to familiarize yourself with the Facebook Ad specs before creating the video.


4. Don’t forget Pinterest

Pinterest is an excellent social media platform to sell your home. You can create image boards and discover new interests on this popular platform. Each image links to its own website. It is very popular in interior design, fashion, beauty, travel, and fashion.

A targeted advertising campaign can be created for your property just as you can with Facebook. The image will link directly to your sales listing.

Pinterest ads are often slightly less expensive than other platforms. You can experiment with different campaigns to determine which one produces the best results. You can try different photos to find the best results.

Use Canva or another design platform to add text to your image. This will make it stand out.

5. Let your Real Estate Share their Social Media Pages

If you work with an agent, encourage them to share the listing on all of their social media accounts. If they have a large following, it can help boost your promotion.

Better yet, ask them if they’ll create a Facebook advertising campaign of their own to promote the property.

Consider switching agents if your agent isn’t doing enough to market the property.

6. Facebook is a great way to drive traffic to your listing

Should you just copy and paste the entire text of your Facebook ad? It is not recommended as it will make the ad too long and may be flagged as spam by Facebook.

You can think of social media ads more as a draw or lead magnet. You can lure the viewer with stunning photos and videos, and even a sentence or so promoting your property. In the ad, add a link linking to your listing.

By doing this, people will click through to your site from the ad. This can increase traffic to the real-estate site and help with SEO.

While they are browsing, they might also look at other listings in the vicinity or sign up for your email list.

Facebook ads

7. You can create a Waiting list

Blogging is one of the most effective social media tools. The blog can be used to attract leads if it is owned by you or your company.

Promote a real-estate waiting list in your locality. Anyone interested can sign up with an email address to be notified about any new listings in their area.

This allows you to build a list of potential buyers with whom you can advertise your sale. This is more efficient than sending out random letters or using cold lists because they are already looking for buyers.

Facebook advertising can also be run with the sole purpose to create a mailing list that you can use for selling when it is time.

Start Advertising Your House Today

You’re missing one of the most powerful marketing tools available, social media.

You can use the tips to attract new clients or generate interest for your sale through social media. Before you know what, you’ll begin to get offers and be well on your way to closing a sale.

7 Industries That Benefit Most from Social Media

7 Industries That Benefit Most from Social Media

Every day, people make hundreds of decisions. While some of these decisions are made conscious, many others are based on information around them.

This is an example of social media. Ninety-two percent of consumers say they trust social media more than any other form of advertising. This is why some industries are more successful than others.

Businesses that stand out as different or unusual always benefit more from social media. For example, a rehab facility may not have interesting things to post about, but a luxury rehab center can show photos of its beautiful facility and illustrate why they are different than other rehabs.

1. Luxury Rehab

Statista reports that 82% of Americans are using social media in 2021. With 1/10 Americans suffering from a substance abuse problem in the United States, you can reach them easily with the right strategy. 

Social media can be used to establish transparency between your luxury rehab center and your professionals as well as the families and individuals who need your assistance. Sorry, but while sharing inspirational recovery stories and celebrity sobriety dates on social media may help you get some engagement and likes, it won’t drive you leads or phone calls.

While there are proven social media marketing strategies that work for many industries, they aren’t effective for rehab centers. You need to be cautious about what you post, unlike businesses that use their pages to share photos of happy customers and events.

Privacy is an important concern in addiction treatment. You can’t post statuses or photos of your clients. You’ll have to be creative, considering photos are the most shared content on social media.

Our experience with rehab center social media accounts shows that it is possible to share relevant news articles, post inspirational photos and engage with your followers.

You can share your blog posts and site content on social media. Facebook is a great place to share inspiring quotes and photos. You can also create a Pinterest board for sharing inspirational content. Your followers will be grateful for your support. They’ll comment and share your posts.

Your dedication to updating and monitoring your pages will determine which strategies work best for you. Remember, social media enables two-way communication. It allows your followers to ask questions, comment, or respond to your content.

You can communicate effectively with potential patients by monitoring your social media accounts. You should be ready to share information about your facility with potential patients if they contact you via social media.

2. Entertainment

Social media is a natural tool for the entertainment industry. A study of posts on Facebook from September 16th to December 15th, 2021 revealed that the entertainment industry made up 73.2 percent of all posts in six industries: retail, auto, telecom, and financial services. Retail accounted for only 12.4% of the second-largest share.

One thing stands out when you examine the breakdown of these posts. While photos and images make up the majority of posts across all five industries, they only account for 11.2 percent of entertainment-related posts. Traditional links account for 79.3% of all posts.

Could it be possible that this data can teach us something? Visual imagery is powerful, but this data shows that people are still attracted to written content.

real estate

3. Real Estate

Real estate is another industry that is socially active. Real estate agents, brokers, developers, property managers, and others use social media to promote their properties. These virtual signs are far more profitable than traditional “for-sale” signs.

Facebook can be used to create targeted ads or ask friends to share properties. It is a great way to get people talking and sharing your listings,” says a Houston-based property management company. “Facebook is the best social media platform to market rentals. However, Instagram could be used in certain markets.”

4. Marketing

Everything a brand does to reach users on social media is marketing or advertising. It follows therefore that social media is a skill that should be mastered by the marketing industry.

According to the 2021 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, which surveyed more than 3700 marketers, social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube were key components of their overall strategies.

Video marketing is quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of social media content. Currently, 57 percent of marketers use it. 72 percent plan to increase their video usage in the future. The report also includes the following findings:

  • 96% of marketers use social networking as a marketing tool.
  • Social media is important for marketers, according to 92 percent.
  • 22 percent of marketers use social media for more than five years.
  • 84% of marketers have integrated social media with traditional marketing activities.

Marketers are adept at social media, so it is not surprising that there is such agreement on key issues.

5. Retail

Retail will continue to be at the top of social media’s food chain. While large companies like Target and Costco will always be successful it is interesting to see smaller retailers succeed. These companies reap the greatest benefits by being able to get customer feedback and address complaints before they become serious problems.

Daily deal sites such as Groupon or Living Social can make viral posts a cost-effective advertising strategy. One user’s endorsement could lead to many sales.

6. Education

Social education is one of the most surprising sectors on this list. Facebook and other social networking sites allow educators, students, and institutions to communicate in new ways than ever before.

Particularly colleges and universities have mastered social media. These sites allow for both organic and paid advertising to increase application numbers and encourage students to visit campus. These universities also use social networking sites to advertise ongoing events and new curriculum once they are on campus.

Social media is a great tool for alumni fundraising after graduation. A new study has shown that 57% of colleges used social media to raise funds.

William Walker, interim VP of advancement resources at CASE (the study’s leader), stated that there has been a steady increase in social media use by professionals in educational advancements, particularly fundraising and alumni relations.

7. Restaurants

While many restaurants struggle to create, maintain, and monitor functional websites, a significant number are able to manage highly successful social media profiles. According to a recent survey, more than 88% of restaurant owners use social media.

Social media is a popular tool for restaurants to create viral campaigns and visually appealing posts. These restaurant owners have the advantage of quickly building a positive reputation using large contingencies. This is something that can take many months or even years.

8. Fashion

Because of the lightning-fast speed with which content travels via social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook, social media is a tremendous asset for the fashion industry. In a matter of seconds, millions can share new styles with their friends.

Social media is a powerful tool for fashion brands that can create visually appealing images that elicit an emotional response. Fashion brands see social media as a powerful research tool. It’s a way for fashion brands to discover what style followers like and what they wear.

Social Media’s power is not to be ignored

It’s quite surprising that any industry doesn’t use social media. These seven industries demonstrate that social media should be an integral part of any brand’s overall marketing strategy.

Any company can reap the rewards of social media marketing with the right amount of effort, dedication, and attention.

What is Trending in Social Media?

DEAN Knows Social Media

Now Trending!

Being able to follow what is trending for your target market audience is one of the most powerful tools that social media has given to business owners and marketing professionals. Trending topics give you insight into what is important to your audience and allows you to create interesting and relevant content and then share that content with a targeted, personalized audience.

Facebook Ads BasicsDigital Marketers used to pick up on trending topics from a daily newspaper or magazine,  watching the news or listening to the radio. Now with instant information and millions of communication channels literally at our fingertips finding that information is much more challenging. However, with technology there is always a way and our social media giants have found ways to keep us up to date with the latest social media trends.

Monitoring your audience and what they are talking about and sharing with their friends is an important part of any good marketing program. Savvy marketers and community managers will join trending conversations and add to the conversation to generate more social media traffic to their website, blogs, pages and products.

With so much going on it is important to weigh in on the conversations as they happen, and before they move onto other forms of media.

Trending on Twitter

Twitter is fast moving and has up-to-the-minute content. It has become a standard platform to break major news stories and not so major stories.

To find trending stories on Twitter without an account you can access Moments: a curated list of the most important stories of the day, with a description and a list of sfacebook advertisingelected Tweets that goes along with the story. It is generally the top stories of the day.

For more personalized trends you will need a twitter account. Personalized trends can be found on the left-hand side of the page. The default shows a selection of trends based on your location and who you follow. You can change locations to see what is trending in other areas by changing it at the top of the trends section. This is very useful for spotting specific trends and targeting local markets.

Facebook Trending

Facebook has become a big player in sharing news and following trending conversations. The content you see on the right-hand side of your News Feed is a tailored Trending section and what you see depends on your personal likes, who you follow, your activity on Facebook and other sites and all the rest of the data Facebook knows about you.

The stories include top conversations of the day regarding politics, science and tech, sports, and entertainment and general top trending trivia.

Whats Trending on YourTube?

YouTube features trending videos, accessed in the menu on the left of the homepage. If you head to the bottom of the page, you can change your location to see what’s trending around the world.

Marketing specialists should be checking these sites daily and commenting with relevant and timely information, and weighing in on conversations that are important to your social media audience.

Social media and social media marketing is no longer for your teenage daughter or to share cute kitten faces. Today social media is a powerful tool that if used correctly will increase the visibility of your brand and will increase your profit margin.


Helpful Ways to Market on Fb

Facebook Ads Basics

Facebook Internet marketing: Helpful Ways to Market on Fb

Promoting on social networking web-sites, these kinds of as Facebook, is one particular of the hottest developments between companies and net entrepreneurs nowadays. With in excess of sixty two million subscribers from all about the earth, Facebook is regarded to be a gold mine among internet entrepreneurs and for businesses that would like to collect extra likely clients.

Compared with other social networking internet sites, Fb delivers a exceptional characteristic that will allow you efficiently current market in the internet. This attribute is the information feed aspect. Depending on what your privacy settings is, you will be capable to broadcast or announce whichever it is you want to announce by way of the news feed aspect made available by Facebook.

Though there are some individuals who does not want this element in Fb, this specific attribute does enable in permitting men and women know what their buddies are up to. From an internet marketer’s look at, you will see that the information feed element provided in Fb will provide as a terrific way to boost a merchandise or services you are offering. This will enabl your community to know what you are giving as nicely as allow your groups know.

So, below are some recommendations that you should really remember in get to know how to harness the news feed attribute to marketplace a specific product or company. By remembering these following guidelines, you will be able to enable people today view it and in convert, allow some others in their community sign up for in.

The to start with factor that you will need to do is build a profile. People in Facebook can’t include everyone in their community if the human being they want to increase doesn’t have a profile and vice versa. This is the initial thing that you have to have to do. Also, you might want to complete your profile site to its fullest in order to enable men and women viewing it consider fascination.

The following tip is by trying to host an event and publish it in the information feed. This will get people in your network fascinated and if your celebration is well worth the time, they will even inform other folks in their network to join in the entertaining. This is a terrific way to promote a merchandise or company.

Thirdly, you may well want to share a funny movie or picture to your community of pals in Fb. This will aid in endorsing your profile web page and you will have a great deal of qualified readers that will eventually look at your profile page as properly as the contents you posted in it, these as the merchandise or solutions you provide.

Publishing news content articles is also a great way to get people’s consideration in Facebook. This will deliver specific visitors. For case in point, if you are providing sports apparels, you could possibly want to article the latest information in athletics.  If you are looking at unique ways to sell your home, this can be very helpful.  This will produce specific targeted visitors that will most probable be fascinated in what you are marketing.

Submitting feedback on other people’s profile webpage in Facebook is also a wonderful way to lengthen your community of pals and profile viewers.

These are the things that you have to have to don’t forget about Facebook advertising and marketing. By following these tips, you can be guaranteed that you will be ready to create site visitors in your Facebook profile page and increase your community. By these tips, you will be equipped to have a lot more possible clients going to your Fb profile website page and know about what you have to provide.

Ever Wondered How After Visiting A Site You Later See A FB Ad?

Facebook Remarketing

Have you ever wondered how after you visit a website, you later see advertisements for that product/service on Facebook?


This form of advertising falls perfectly into why Facebook advertising can be so powerful.  The entire social media advertising ecosystem is based upon “Targeting Your Audience” for your Facebook Ad.  There is no better “Audience” than someone who has already shown an interest in your product/service by visiting your website.




The ability to target an audience that has already visited your website is called Remarketing.  It not very new, but Facebook has really brought it front and center.  At the end of the day, it is extremely effective since it shows your ad to already interested customers.  A very good analogy for this style of advertising is “You wouldn’t ask someone to marry you on the first date would you?”  By that they mean… a visit to your website is where the relationship starts.  You then “court” that person by showing them additional ads and building your brand and message.  When they come back, you have a much better chance of converting them to a sale/customer.

Remarketing can be done in a variety of ways.  One of the most common is after a website visit, but you can use an existing mailing list or past clients or a variety of other sources.

Facebook Remarketing How Does Remarketing Work?


What you are really doing when you utilize Remarketing is you are creating a Custom Audience on Facebook.  This Custom Audience is exactly who will see your targeted advertisement.  If you want to create a Custom Audience of people that have visited your website here are the steps.

1. Create a Custom Audience in Facebook Ad Manager.

This will create a piece of code that you can place on your website.  You have a variety of options here.  You can put one code (for one audience) only on certain landing pages or put the same code on every page of your site.  This really depends on where/how you get your website traffic.

2. Place the Custom Audience Pixel on Your Website

As stated above, you may choose to place different Custom Audience Pixels on certain pages—this will let you Remarket to different groups of people.  For instance, if you sell Real Estate and pay Google to drive traffic to your site, you may have a Buyer and a Seller campaign.  Each campaign would have ads either targeting a buyer or a seller.  The buyer ad may say, “search all listings here” where the seller campaign may say “get your homes current value”.  With different Pixel Codes, you could then have a Seller Ad and an Buyer ad on Facebook — that displays only to the correct group (Buyers or Sellers).

3.  Create You Audience

Once you create your Custom Audience and place the code on your website — you will wan to name each Custom Audience in Facebook.  This gives you the ability to run different ads depending on the specific audience you have created.  Keep in mind, Facebook advertising is designed to be displayed to relatively large groups, so your site must get a decent amount of traffic to create a large enough audience to advertise to.

4.  Create Your Facebook Ad

This is the fun part.  This is were you can get creative and think of a unique ad that will have interest to your specific audience.  Remember, this group of people have already visited your site.  For that, they have already shown some level of interest, so you can get more specific with your Remarketing Ad.

5.  Create Lookalike Audiences

You didn’t ask for this, but I’m giving it to you anyway.  Since Facebook has thousands of data points on its users, they can look at one of your audiences and find correlations between everyone in that audience.  For instance, if everyone in your “Webpage Custom Audience” is a homeowner that makes over $70,000, has children, donates to charity and lives in a specific zip code—-Facebook will create another audience with the same details!  That gives you the ability to scale your audience larger than only people that has visited your site—but the same “type” of people!


Shameless Plug


If you find all of this intriguing and have already come up with super cool ideas on how to utilize Remarketing — but think that attempting all those steps would be your own personal type of hell….We can help.  DEAN Knows specializes in all forms of Digital Marketing including Facebook Advertising and Re-marketing.

Facebook Ads – How To Create a Successful Ad Yourself

Facebook Ads Basics

Facebook Ads – How to Create a Successful Ad Yourself


We all know that Facebook Ads are all the rage for an affordable, effective digital marketing campaign.  In this article, we will cover some of the most important aspects of creating a great Facebook Ad.

Many people are under the impression that Facebook Advertising simply means to “boost” your post.  Although that is the most common option that people aware of, it is the one thing we recommend NOT to do.  The beauty of Facebook Advertising is that you can hyper-target your ad to only run on certain people’s news feed.  You don’t get that functionality with “boosting” your post.

Here are a handful of things to consider to make your next Facebook Ad successful.

Targeting Your Ad

facebook advertisingCreating your target audience is one of the most powerful pieces of Facebook Advertising.  This is where you choose who will see your ad.  You really need to think this through as you want the right people to see the ad and you don’t want to pay for putting your ad in front of people who wont convert.

Facebook Demographics

Facebook Demographics let you choose the TYPE of person that will see your ad.  Do you want to get in front of Parents? Homeowners? Small Business Owners? Or are you looking for someone that works in a particular field?  Keep in mind, these do overlay, so if you choose someone that is a Mother, has a net income over $100,000 and is currently away from home– your ad will be limited to that exact demographic.  This is extremely powerful for hyper-targeting your potential clients.

Facebook Interests

Facebook can help you reach specific audiences by looking at their interests, activities, the Pages they have liked and closely related topics. You can combine interests to expand your ad’s reach.  Unlike Demographics, every interest that you add will be a larger group you are advertising to.

Facebook Behaviors

Facebook Behaviors let you market to people that do certain things.  You can specifically reach potential customers based on purchase behaviors or intents, device usage and more. Within behaviors you will find options such as “Likely to Move” or people who have made donations to Cancer.

Between the Demographics, Interests and Behaviors, you should be able to laser target your ad to exactly who needs to see it. This makes your advertising spend very efficient.

Choose Your Placement

Facebook Ad PlacementWhen placing a Facebook Ad, you can determine exactly where you want your ad to be displayed.  You can choose to have it displayed within the News Feed on Mobile, Desktop, or both.  You also have the option of placing your ad on the right side of the main Facebook page and on their Audience Network.

Most advertisers think its best to put their ads everywhere thinking it does not effect the end result. That’s not a very efficient way to go about it. Someone viewing your ad on a mobile device won’t behave the same way as someone sitting in front of his or her computer in their comfy chair. You can preview what your ad will look like in each placement by clicking the “Ad Preview and Placements” in Facebook Ads and in Power Editor just check the “Placement Section” under the “Ad Sets” tab.

Use Different Photos

Social Media is very visual.  Facebook allows you to add several different photos for your ads, so try different ones, review your results and keep the ones that work best.  It is worth noting that Facebook only allows 20% of the photo to have any type of copy. They will reject your ad if you put too many words on the photo—so if you are putting copy on the photo, be choosy and very specific. I have noticed that even after you get a notification that your ad was approved, you can later receive another e-mail saying it was rejected.  So after seeing that “approved” e-mail, don’t jump up and down quite yet.

Don’t Forget the Call To Action

Facebook lets you choose a Call to Action to place on your photo.  Different Calls to Action should be used depending on what you are advertising.  The “Calls to Action” are simply the little grey buttons that you see on Facebook Advertising.  I am of the belief that every ad should have a Call to Action, so If nothing fits, at least use “Learn More”.

Your Ad Copy

You have a variety of places that you can put copy on your new Facebook Ad.  You have your Headline which is actually directly below the photo.  You are limited to very few characters here so be precise.  You have Text which is where the majority of the copy will be placed.  The text ends up being placed directly above the photo and gives the most characters for your description. The last place you can put ad copy is a little hidden. You must click “Show Advanced Options” then you will see that you have the NewsFeed Link Description.  The copy you place here will be BELOW your Headline.  They give you a lot of characters to use here, but be aware it still may be cut off in your final ad.

Track Your Success

One fantastic feature of Facebook Ads is the ability to track your ad.  You can use Conversion Pixels to track overall conversion on your website for the most full featured analytics.  For more information on how to use Conversion Pixels, click HERE.  At a minimum you should look daily at your Reach (which is determined by your spend and the size of your target group) your Number of Clicks (if your ad is driving traffic to your website) your Click Through Rate which is the number of clicks divided by the number of impressions and your Cost Per Unique Click.  They have a ton of other metrics that you can use and most of them are very informative.  Once you place enough ads and review your success statistics, you get a really good feel for what works and what doesn’t.

Shameless Plug

Creating a Facebook Ad is not brain surgery.  It does take a little technical skill and a understanding of basic marketing practices. If you find yourself in a position to not have the time or desire to create your own ad—or simply want to hire a professional to get the best results…you are in luck!  DEAN Knows Social Media creates Facebook Ads for all types of businesses at very affordable prices.  We also provide SEO and SEM services, Reputation Monitoring and even post on all of your social media networks for you with industry specific posts.  For more information on what we can do for you, visit our main site at or Contact Us directly.


Facebook Advertising in 2015 – What You Need To Know

Facebook Advertising

How Facebook is Changing Digital Advertising



Facebook Advertising will revolutionize marketing just as Google did in the early 2000’s.  Facebook has an immense amount of user data on their over 1.23 Billion active users; and they use that data for advertising purposes.   You no longer have to place an ad somewhere hoping that your target audience will see it. Facebook Ads give you the ability to hyper-target your customers and only pay if they see you advertisement.

With over 76%  of Facebook’s  monthly user base accessing Facebook on their mobile devices, you can now get in front of your clients wherever they are, at any time.  Since Facebook went public in 2012, they now have officially migrated from a “free” social networking site to an advertisers dream.  Don’t misunderstand, Facebook is still free to their user base and I’m sure they will never stop that, but to get your brand in front of their user base now costs money.  In January of 2015 Facebook announced that they would substantially decrease the viability of business pages unless that page was paying to “boost” their post or otherwise partake in Facebook marketing. It does bring an end of an era where you could create a Facebook Business Page with a little skill, get in front of your audience.  The glory days of Facebook Marketing for Free are over.


The Similarity to Google


targeted social media advertisingMany digital marketers went ballistic when Facebook started running ads and letting people into their immense amount of data. Its a similar transition to what Google did in the early 2000’s, which single handedly put a major strain on the financials of almost every newspaper and periodical in the world.  Prior to Google, if you wanted to say, sell boots–you would take out an ad in the local newspaper about your awesome boots selection. The idea was if the paper had a large enough circulation, that hopefully a small percentage of those people would have an interest in boots, see your ad and become a customer.  This was how almost all advertising worked up until Google.  Google changed the game by saying we will only show your ad to people looking for boots and you would only pay them if someone clicked on your ad to fully see your advertising.  This is a major shift.  Needless to say, they simply put your website link at the top of a Google Search for boots.  But this led your target market to people specifically looking for what you are selling.  This is still the cash cow of Google that lets them pay for silly stuff like this Insane New Office Headquarters and lets them afford all the other crazy things that most companies can’t afford.


So… On To Facebook Advertising


You may be aware that your Facebook Business Page has seen less traffic recently.  They have consistently been Reducing the Visibility to Facebook Business Pages for some time with a death blow in January of 2015.  Even people that “like” your page will most likely not see what you are posting unless they come to your page.  You may have noticed that you now have the option of “boosting your post” so people will see it.  In early March, Facebook has said that they will remove the “likes” of “non-active” Facebook users too.  For most things, I don’t recommend simply boosting a post, you have much more powerful options.


The Power Of Facebook Advertising


Facebook Ad Options

Lets say you are a real estate agent and want to market to first time homebuyers. With the tremendous amount of information that Facebook has on their users, you can create an ad and have only people that you choose see that ad in their Newsfeed.  So for that real estate agent, they could make an ad that says, “Buying Your First Home — Its Easier Than You Think” and give some other reasons for that target buyer to click the ad.  The beauty of the system is that in setting up the audience that will be served by the ad you could choose:  people that currently rent their home, people with at least two lines of credit, people that are engaged to be married, people that have gotten married within 6 months, people that make over 65K per year and people that live in the geographical area that you work in.  WOW…think about that for a moment…That real estate agent would only pay to have their ad seen by people that may click on it.  This makes the ad very effective and cost efficient.  You can even choose how much money per day you wish to spend, which ultimately dictates how many people will see you ad.


How To Make Facebook Advertising Work


Social Media Web DesignJust because you have a Facebook Ad that is hitting your target audience, that doesn’t mean you’re putting money in your pocket.  There is another piece to the process which is a landing page built on your Business Website that is designed in the same vein as the ad. The landing page needs to have a similar look and feel, and back up what you have said to get them there.  Needless to say, it needs to have multiple Calls to Action to have the user give their information.  Many businesses, miss the final and most important part—–which is following up IMMEDIATELY when a new client gives their information.  That doesn’t mean an automated e-Mail, it needs a phone call or a personalized message.


Shameless Plug


Needless to say, this is not brain surgery but Facebook Advertising does require the ability to create the ad, choose the correct audience and build the corresponding landing page on your business website.  If you don’t feel comfortable doing this…DON’T FRET!!!!  DEAN Knows Social Media can help!  We have built many ads and corresponding landing pages, all with tremendous success. We also handle Social Media Management and Reputation Monitoring so you can focus on running your business.  If you would like us to give you a hand with Social Media Advertising, Contact Us Today!