Tips For Advertising Your Home On Social Media

Would you consider buying a house via Facebook? It may seem strange, but social media advertising for a house for sale is one of the best ways to attract interest.

Instagram and Facebook allow you to generate interest in your beautiful property with so many people using social media.

These are our top tips to advertise on social media if you’re selling.

1. 3D Tours with Video

Social media can help you reach potential buyers outside your locality. It may be difficult for buyers to visit your home for open houses, so you must make it appealing to them online.

This is how you can do it! Video! You can use video to create virtual tours of your property using a 360 camera. This is great for people who are unable to visit the site in person.

A videographer is required to create the video with drones and cameras. However, it’s worth the investment for the potential buyers it will bring in.

Professional photo of house

2. Get professional photos

Professional photos of your house are essential, no matter whether you advertise on Facebook or otherwise. A home that has great photos will sell 32% more quickly than one without.

Homiesfoto has the experience and expertise to help you get the best real estate photography results. But, if it’s something you are doing on your own, these are some tips.

Make your home as tidy and bright as you can. Use a high-quality DSLR camera and tripod to stabilize the shot.

Photos should be edited after taking them, in order to remove unwanted shadows or reflections.

3. Use Facebook Ads

A Facebook ad is one of many great ways when selling your home. Facebook ads allow you to reach more people than your personal profile.

They are very easy to use. You can set your daily budget before you decide how much you want to spend. Next, narrow your target market by narrowing down your demographics (locations and gender, hobbies, interests, etc.).

These are some other tips to help you sell your attached home.

How can you determine who to target? You can start by looking at the buyers who have attended your open houses in the past. That will help you figure out which type of customer might be interested in your property.

Facebook is the owner of Instagram, a popular photo-sharing platform. You can also make Facebook ads to market on Instagram.

Instagram is such a visual platform. Add your listing here as well. Beautiful home photos and videos are sure to attract attention. For faster production, make sure to familiarize yourself with the Facebook Ad specs before creating the video.


4. Don’t forget Pinterest

Pinterest is an excellent social media platform to sell your home. You can create image boards and discover new interests on this popular platform. Each image links to its own website. It is very popular in interior design, fashion, beauty, travel, and fashion.

A targeted advertising campaign can be created for your property just as you can with Facebook. The image will link directly to your sales listing.

Pinterest ads are often slightly less expensive than other platforms. You can experiment with different campaigns to determine which one produces the best results. You can try different photos to find the best results.

Use Canva or another design platform to add text to your image. This will make it stand out.

5. Let your Real Estate Share their Social Media Pages

If you work with an agent, encourage them to share the listing on all of their social media accounts. If they have a large following, it can help boost your promotion.

Better yet, ask them if they’ll create a Facebook advertising campaign of their own to promote the property.

Consider switching agents if your agent isn’t doing enough to market the property.

6. Facebook is a great way to drive traffic to your listing

Should you just copy and paste the entire text of your Facebook ad? It is not recommended as it will make the ad too long and may be flagged as spam by Facebook.

You can think of social media ads more as a draw or lead magnet. You can lure the viewer with stunning photos and videos, and even a sentence or so promoting your property. In the ad, add a link linking to your listing.

By doing this, people will click through to your site from the ad. This can increase traffic to the real-estate site and help with SEO.

While they are browsing, they might also look at other listings in the vicinity or sign up for your email list.

Facebook ads

7. You can create a Waiting list

Blogging is one of the most effective social media tools. The blog can be used to attract leads if it is owned by you or your company.

Promote a real-estate waiting list in your locality. Anyone interested can sign up with an email address to be notified about any new listings in their area.

This allows you to build a list of potential buyers with whom you can advertise your sale. This is more efficient than sending out random letters or using cold lists because they are already looking for buyers.

Facebook advertising can also be run with the sole purpose to create a mailing list that you can use for selling when it is time.

Start Advertising Your House Today

You’re missing one of the most powerful marketing tools available, social media.

You can use the tips to attract new clients or generate interest for your sale through social media. Before you know what, you’ll begin to get offers and be well on your way to closing a sale.