FREE SEO Website Audits – what to expect

Exactly What Is a SEO Site Audit?


An SEO Audit is the process of reviewing your website to insure that it will perform well in search results. Any good SEO audit will review the website against the “best practices” as defined by the major search engines and give you a list of what is good on your site and give recommendations on changes that you can make to improve your viability on the web.  In addition, it is a good review on exactly how people and the search engines see your site.  What are your keywords?  What does your title and description say? How does your result look when found by the Google and Bing?


What Should I Expect From a SEO Website Audit?


There are different types of Search Engine Optimization Audits.  The automated types (like below) and the type in which you meet with an SEO guru and discuss your goals and strategy and they manually review your site.  Manual SEO audits will generally cost as you have someone that you meet with and time is used.  I recommend at least starting with an automated SEO audit and if you see issues, have questions or need to improve results then call a professional.  A good automated SEO Audit should give you a lot of powerful information such as:

  • Give an Overall SEO Rating

  • Give Recommendations on What to Do

  • Your Title, Description and Meta Tags – Are They Worded Properly?

  • Number of Pages Google Has Indexed

  • Images Analysis – Does Your Images Have Proper Tags?

  • Does Your Site Have Proper Headers?  What Are They?

  • Analyze Your Content For Keywords

  • Backlink Profile

  • The Quality of Backlinks to Your Website
  • Check to Make Sure You Have a proper Sitemap and Robot.txt

  • Analyze Your Websites Code For Errors

  • Check for Mobile Compatibility

  • More Techie Stuff…


How Often Should I Run an SEO Audit?


With Google and the other search engines making changes to their algorithm on a regular basis, its important to check your website every 6 months or so.  What worked last year for SEO may get you “blacklisted” this year.  Especially if you are using “Black Hat” or “Grey Hat” SEO techniques.


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Should You Contact a SEO Guru if the Audit is Not Good?

If you have plans on having your site rank well in search engine results and you don’t have the technical acumen or the time to correct anything that the audit finds, I would strongly recommend contacting a professional.