SEO In New Orleans

SEO In New Orleans

SEO in the city of New Orleans is a little behind.  New Orleans has historically been behind on adopting technology for business, and that case stands true in the realm of New Orleans SEO.

A perfect example that New Orleans is behind the times when referring to technology to grow your business is the fact that the local paper, The Times Picayune was one of the few papers owned by a super huge media company, that was still making money.  That means that advertisers were still seeing advantages from advertising in the newspaper.  Which also leads you to believe that there are still a massive amount of print readers in the Greater New Orleans area.

SEO Is Easy In New Orleans

SEO is the art of having your website come up when someone searches a key search term that is relevant for your page.  All over the world, SEO gurus have the ability to charge quite a bit of money for their services because the internet has become such a powerful marketing tool.

When it comes to New Orleans Search Engine Optimization, there have even been some SEO Gurus that have proven how easy it is to rank a site by running to the top of the rankings for searches such as SEO New Orleans.  With the lack of the SEO Companies in the Greater New Orleans area, at least SEO Companies that are good enough to rank on page one of Google for the #1 search term, you would think that people in New Orleans dont even use the internet.


I come to a different conclusion.  I believe that business owners use outside SEO Companies that are outside of the Greater New Orleans area to get ranked for the SERPS that they need to rank their business.

I do also believe that business owners in the New Orleans area tend to rely on more traditional advertising as opposed to modern Digital Marketing.  This may be in part that many of the larger businesses in the south are owned by older individuals.

In many instances, older individuals may not see the value in Digital Marketing as much as the younger generation only because they themselves dont use the internet to find businesses.

Things Need To Change

New Orleans has a huge tourism economy.  With all of those visitors coming in to visit Big Easy, many of the younger crowd fall in love and decide to move here.

With the huge influx of younger professionals, especially those in the technology fields, that have flocked to New Orleans since Hurricane Katrina, the more savvy business owner will need to look at a full range of Digital Marketing options to give their new business the edge it needs for success.

Younger business owners are not spending one red cent with companies like the Yellow Pages, but do take advantage of companies that can rank their business on popular search engines like Google or Bing or even the citation style business directories such as Yelp.

Open Season For SEO

I see this as a tremendous opportunity for quality SEO companies to make a lot of money in the upcoming future for New Orleans. Digital Marketing such as SEO, SEM (Search Engine Marketing) Local SEO and Social Media Advertising are the ways of the future and will be how the new successful businesses are grown.  With SEO outperforming PPC in the long run, the rise of Search Engine Optimization is inevitable.

The new and upcoming businesses that embrace the new styles of marketing will appeal to the younger crowd and become “hip” and ultimately successful.  This leaves a lot of room for an Digital Marketing Ninja to grow their business as well.  I see quite a bit of changes coming down the pipe soon.